A round face is quite loved as it shows the liveliness, enthusiasm, and charisma. However, few girls want to do makeup to slim and lengthen their cute face. Besides the face, small eyes are also the problem of women. Not a big issue, but they always want their eyes look bigger and have popping effects. Knowing that, here comes “eye makeup for small eyes and round face”! Don’t need to worry! With the development of the makeup industry, using clever makeup tips or techniques can create an illusion to give you a perfect look.

Tips for Small Eyes and Round Face

There are plenty of makeup tips for both small eyes and round face giving you the definition for what you need and advice to make your eyes bigger as well as your face smaller. Have you heard about using bright or pale colors, and white pencil to hide the disadvantage on your face? Here, we give useful information for achieving perfection!

  1. Apply eyeshadow (light colors) to the lid in order to reflect the light.
  2. Use the dark shades on the outer part of the eyes.
  3. Take the eyeliner and draw a thin (winged) eye on the upper lid.
  4. Use a beige or white pencil for the inner rims to brighten your eyes and make them bigger.
  5. Apply a soft smokey darker shadow under the lower lashes by using a brown-eye shadow.
  6. Curl you lash.
  7. Use mascara for the top lashes only, mainly focus on the center and outer parts.
  8. Don’t forget to use false eyelashes to make your eyes bigger.
  9. Don’t use black eyeliner on the inner rims.

You’ve got some tips for small eyes. What’s about round face? Keep reading!

  1. Use a darker foundation – darker colors can draw attention away from the sides of the face. Blend it well and make sure you don’t see any line.
  2. Use the highlighter to create angles – remember to apply highlighter in the middle of your forehead and your chin (lighter colors). This step will create a more angular look.
  3. Lengthen your face with blush – don’t apply blush to your cheeks’ apples in a circular motion as it makes your face rounder. Sweep the peach blush under the cheekbones, and then, blend upwards towards your temples.
  4. Emphasize your features – make your face perfect by emphasizing your lips with the right cosmetics. Consider a dark lip color and add lip gloss.