Are you a blue-eyed girl? Well, as we know, there are very rare women who own blue eyes, and they surely have trouble in selecting the suitable makeup for their eyes. Because the blue color will capture people’s attention itself, so you need to choose the application that can make your eyes stand out overall. If you don’t know, eyeshadow is considered as the vital role when doing the eye makeup. With the right choice, it will help enhance or brighten your eye color. Knowing your need, we decide to give you an eyeshadow tutorial for blue eyes. Keep reading for more useful information!

Some Eyeshadow Options for Blue Eyes

No need to worry as girls with blue eyes can apply any eyeshadow colors to accentuate their gorgeous eyes. It’s better to apply makeup with best light up makeup mirror. Besides the shadows, you also need to consider your skin tone and hair color to make sure they’re perfect for the blue eye. To give your eyes an extra intensity, we’ve listed some of the shades below:

Cool Eyeshadow

Girls can choose some great colors in this option, such as:

  1. Pale blue shadow: this color will bring out the natural blue tones in your eyes. It helps create a brighter look
  2. Violet and purple (lavender): if you have blonde hair and blue eyes, these colors will work perfectly. Light purple can combine with most blondes with fair skin and sometimes brunettes, too. However, never think of these colors if you’re dark hair.
  3. Turquoise and teal shades: if your blue eyes have a little mixture with green or hazel, teal shades can bring a fresh look to them. Just don’t overdo these hues!
  4. Other colors: you can consider pale pink shades or deep (midnight) blue.

Orange Eyeshadow

You think orange shadow is unflattering for your eye color, right? However, orange-based shades are the best choices for the blue eye as the contrast between two colors will make your eyes pop. You don’t need to put on a bright or neon orange, just consider these shades: Copper, Peach, Bronze, Rust, and Coral.

Neutral Eyeshadow

Most neutral shades like champagne and taupe look absolutely stunning with blue eyes. Most brown shadows are very compatible with blue color, please take a look at: Chocolate Brown, Camel Shadow, White Shadow, Khaki Colored Shadow, and Grey Shades.

If you’re born with red hair, brown shades will work perfectly with your blue eyes. Since your hair carries such a vibrant color, you eyes and skin tone need a natural looking shadow. However, don’t be afraid to play with greens or other colors to catch others’ attention.