In contemporary meaning, fashion is what one wears by following the latest trends of couture. However, a deep analysis of the terms fashion shows that it is a cultural phenomenon. However, fashion is more used in terms of beauty, glamour and style. Well, fashion can be best described as changing norms and trends that are changing trends and fads. Such is the uncertainly and fluidity of fashion and styles that according to Oscar Wilde-“Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.” Well, jokes apart, fashion industry is one of the thriving industries in the world that has strategic centers in London, New York, Milan, Antwerp, Rome, Tokyo and Paris to name a few.

However, if you are bitten by fashion bug and want to get a complete makeover, make surer you do not blindly follow the latest trend that is showcased by cat walking models. It is good to be fashion conscious but it is equally important to understand one’s personality, skin tone and body frame. It is extremely important to know one’s ability to carry off designer clothes with ease and panache. However, if you are unable to carry the designer clothes with flamboyance, you will look grumpy and uncomfortable. Therefore, it is very important to follow the laws of fashion with sensibility. Do not just imitate the latest trends of couture. Incase you are planning to wear a fashionably designer dress, make sure you have a perfect body frame and well sculpted body that carries the dress amazingly.

However, it is not necessary to be petite and reed thin in order to fit in a dress. Yet if you have a plump body, you should avoid wearing sleeveless clothes. A medium build and proportionate height can wear any dress with equal ease. Incase you are plump and short; make sure that you go for darker colored clothes that come with vertical prints and lines. This will definitely give you a slimming look. Fawn, beige, lilac and blue colors are some of the evergreen colors that never go out from fashion.

Also, take due important of your skin tone while choosing the best fashion dress. If you have a dark complexion, try to go for lighter shades that do not appear gaudy. And, if you are fair skinned woman, you can almost carry both dark and light shades with equal ease. While investing in latest fashion trends, always check out the suitability of clothes in order to decide what you want to wear. However, besides body type and skin tone, it is important to check out your personality and attitude.

If you are open to experimentation, you will definitely make a style statement. So, next time you try a fashion, make sure you have the confidence and body to carry the fashionable clothes with ease and comfort. Always remember that fashion is not just the clothes you wear but the kind of the demeanor you sport. An out of fashion dress won’t make your feel awkward in case you are full of confidence.