Oily skin encounters many problems than you’ve expected, especially when you put on lots of makeup. Women often feel annoyed with their oily face as the makeup is faded and melted easily. That’s the reason causing many problems, i.e. clogging the pores and having pimples (or spots). It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do makeup with an oily face; you just need to know certain tips, trick, and tools to protect your skin from the oily complexion. Don’t miss our new article for today; that’s, makeup tips for oily skin!

Here, we searched for and gathered some helpful ideas from expert makeup artists and (even) a dermatologist to give you the best advice and solutions for good makeup application on oily skin.

Good Makeup for Your Oily Skin

Use Primer For Your Skin

If you have oily skin, try to apply makeup primer after cleaning your face. However, it must be put on before powder, foundation, or any makeup. Primer not only plays as a base to keep your makeup stays put and lasts longer, but also works as a shielding layer to protect your skin from makeup cosmetics’ effects.

Try to apply makeup primer to the oiliest areas, such as T-zone, including forehead, nose, and chin. To find a face primer, please remember that the product must have salicylic acid to help you control acne and pimples, and it has to be oil-free and anti-shine.

Choose Foundation For Oily Skin

To take care of your sensitive skin, you should buy the suitable product for it. Most foundations on the market fade and melt away easily, and you need to do touch-up constantly.

The best foundation for oily skin is the one that prevent shine and not make you feel heavy on the skin. Here, we highly recommend a water-based foundation or a mousse foundation. And when choosing a foundation, remember to look for words like mattifying or comedogenic.

Select Best Power For Oily Skin

Everybody with oily skin is familiar with the powder as it can get rid of shine and help the foundation last longer. But don’t overdo it as you just need to apply powder on shining areas.

To choose the best powder for oily skin, you must consider the compatibility of the product and your skin tone. In this case, the loose powder might work well on oily skin than pressed powder as it gets rid of shine.

Remember to Pick Oily-Free Makeups

Because oily skin naturally releases more than required oil, so you must use makeup products that are non-comedogenic and oil-free so that you can avoid ‘clogging skin pore’ case. Don’t forget to apply facial cleansers and toners to get rid of excess oil as those products contain glycolic acids and salicylic acid. You can also try using mineral make-ups as they offer inorganic minerals that are ideals for oily skin.