The blue eyes are not common like brown; however, they’re special in some ways. When doing the makeup for blue eyes, you can realize there are some shadow colors looking good on them. Of course, you have your favorite shadow color, but here, it’s our pleasure to present to you some beautiful colors that not only suit your eyes, but also make them glow.

If you don’t know, blue shadows look absolutely wonderful on blue eyes. Oh, you should also try the natural or neutral makeup by applying light brown and beige colors. To make the blue eye noticeable and stunning, the combination of blue and black sounds attractive. You can also put a dark colored eyeliner or mascara. Alright, follow the tutorial below to know the way doing the perfect eye makeup for blue eyes.

How To Do Eye Makeup For Blue Eyes?

Before doing the eye makeup, remember to clean or remove all the previous makeup, dirt, and oily parts from your face. If you don’t follow this step, the makeup won’t give the right result that you expect, and it also damages your skin.

Step 1: Before getting any eyeshadow or eye makeup, apply a bit white shadow to the inner corners of your eyes by using your finger or a thin shadow brush. This step will help your eyes look bigger, brighter, whiter, and healthier.

Step 2: Apply the eye primer onto the eyelids. By doing this step, the eyeshadow will be protected by a thin base. Your eye makeup can last for a day without fading. If you have no eye primer, you can choose the concealer.

Step 3: Do the color contrast to make your blue eyes stand out. The important point is that blue is the cold color, so it must be combined with a warm shadow color. Girls, you can choose the pale blues or purple. Keep in mind using the colors that brighter than your eye color is a big no as it makes your eyes look dull. Here, we’ll mix brown and coppers to form a classic look.

Step 4: Have 3 different shades of the shadow color you select. Brush over your eyelid with the lightest shade. Then, apply the next color with the medium shade in the crease of the lid. Lastly, use the brush to sweep the shadow (the darkest shade) from the outer corners to the middle of the lid.

Step 5: Blend the eyeshadow to make the color smooth to your skin tone.

Step 6: Apply the liquid eyeliner (or pencil eyeliner), curl the lashes, and last but not least, use the mascara.