Makeup liquid removers seem to be convenient as you don’t waste much time when removing a thick makeup from your face. However, remember that your skin is thin, and it can be damaged easily. Also, the makeup-removing products might irritate your eyes since you’re not wiping away the active cleansing ingredients left behind. Especially with people who have dry or sensitive skin, the chemicals found in the removers are seriously bad for using. Here, in the topic – natural face makeup remover, we want to present few natural ways to remove the makeup as well as refresh the skin without using any harsh chemicals.

Four Natural Makeup Removers for Your Face


Milk is considered as the ingredient that’s great for the skin. Many years ago, lots of royal women used milk for bathing as the fat and protein in milk (especially whole milk) can keep your skin moist. Besides drinking, use milk to remove your makeup is the best method you can apply. It’s simpler and cheaper than purchasing removers from the pharmacy store. All you need to do is – taking a tablespoon of almond oil and adding it to a bowl full of whole milk. Then, rub it gently all over the face with a clean towel or a cotton ball. Milk will bring the natural look to your face in the shortest time.

Natural Oil Cleanser

Another way can help you refresh the sensitive skin – using natural oils. Natural oil can be applied to both dried face and oily face as the oil in the skin can keep the moist for as well as bring a youthful look to your face. Don’t buy any ‘oil-free’ cleanser on the market because it will harm your skin and lead to premature aging. You can consider between coconut oil and olive oil as both are great in removing makeup (from mascara to lipstick) and cleansing the face.


Lots of products on the market nowadays use cucumber as the main ingredient. Recently, the researchers have discovered that cucumber can not only help you soothe acne-prone or irritated skin, but it also removes a thick makeup without wasting a bunch of time. Just open the refrigerator, take one cucumber and blend it into a paste, and then, combine that paste with a bit of milk and olive oil. Now, you have a perfect removing mixture for your skin.


Another ingredient that can find easily in the kitchen; that’s, yogurt! Four or five years ago, women found an efficient way to take care of their skin – using yogurt. Actually, yogurt can serve several purposes, such as it helps moisturizing the skin and relieving sunburns. And now, another function from it: removing makeup. Take a cotton ball and dip it into plain yogurt, and then, rub it all over your face in a circular motion. Remember to rinse the removing mask off with the cool water.